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The Beach Book has been getting raves from all over the country – for its stories, for its design, and for its innovative waterproof format.

“The editors of this anthology have collected 10 evocative stories that unfold in the watery idylls of the world. . . . Just don’t wade in expecting escapist summer fare. The blue waters and tropical breezes offer more danger than pleasure in these stories. There is a hurricane, a drowning, and a venomous snail.”
— New York Times

“Go ahead and dump all the Coppertone and salt water you like on this handy little anthology. It may look like an ordinary book, but it’s completely waterproof. “The Beach Book ” contains short stories from top-shelf authors such as Roald Dahl, Jeffrey Eugenides, and Hester Kaplan, all tied together with a beach theme and printed on pages that are impossible to stain with even the purplest of Popsicles.”
— Christopher Muther, The Boston Globe

“With characters encountering everything from waterlogged corpses to drug smuggling on the open seas, this collection is neight a light read nor a weightless one . . . it's a gimmick we're happy to fall for: fiction that isn't reduced to a pulp by wet hands and dripping hair.”
— Anne McDonough, The Washington Post

“What’s better than a trashy beach read? A beach read you can’t trash. The Beach Book — distant cousin to those puffy final kiddie books that float in the bath — is a 255-page “all beach, all the time” supertome that’s 100 percent water-, UV-, tear-, stain-proof: the perfect summer literary companion. . . . Publisher Charles Melcher [says] “ Take it to the Sahara, the North Pole, or underwater, it will survive.

“From Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s ‘The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World’ to Anthony Doerr’s ‘ The Shell Collector,’ these ten tales take place ocean-side and drift into areas sad, queer, poignant, and perverse. After a hard day’s paddle, sail, or snorkel, give your muscles a break and work out your imagination with this ‘un-paperback.’”
— National Geographic Adventure

“Beach Reading: Nothing’s worse than getting your beach reading al sandy and wet. This book, full of great short stories, is waterproof and snot-proof!”
— Elle Girl

“If you like swimming and you don’t want your book to get ruined, this is for you. This handy little book, believe it or not, is entirely waterproof. . . . Inside its slick pages are reprinted ten well-written, imaginative short stores by award winning authors. The common wave is “The Beach.”
– Eunice Miller, Dan’s Papers

The Beach Book
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